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A key:

☠: You're next. (Dislike/Hatred)
☣: I don't trust you... (Aversion)
♫: You're fun to mess with! (Friendship)
★: I won't let anyone harm you. (Family/Love)

As typical with CR memes, more of a particular symbol shows stronger feelings of that sort. Each 'emotion' has a maximum limit of 5 - At L5 Dislike, chances are you are a lifelong vendetta, at 5 Love, chances are you're implicitly trusted, that sort of thing.

Multiple symbols portray complex emotions, obviously.

[personal profile] feathertyrant
Why did I not see the blackness of his heart even through that ink?

Trevor is the epitome of everything Berri loathes. Her first experience with him led her to almost trust the man, being as he was little more than a near-mindless ink monster at the time. However, once Ink City was repaired, she quickly saw his true colors due to a video post from Rigby. He was just like the ones who experimented on her. Even though she sought bloody revenge on him for his sins and the sins of other human scientists alike, she still loathes the man, not just for his goals, but for betraying the trust she had started to feel with the creature that only barely shared his mind.

[personal profile] unbelled
One of these days you'll learn that you're no better than me.

Mordecai has the special honor of being the one to snap Berri out of her first manic state. However, he did this by shooting her with little provocation -- well, what Mew views as "little provocation". After all, she did go rooting around in his mind, and used his thoughts to suggest that he and an old business partner from his own world were intimate. The fact of the matter is, he shot her, and she has yet to forgive him for that.

[personal profile] pectoralmutt
Jeez, this guy's crazier than I am...

Ren has pestered Berri several times now, and even she isn't quite sure what's up with the guy. In addition, whatever's screwy with him is somehow contagious, as she finds herself getting more and more manic just by being around him. Whatever it is, she doesn't quite trust the guy and his newfound insanity. Regardless, he's easy to make spaz, which makes the manic side of her quite pleased.

[personal profile] what_fourthwall
One of these days, I'll make amends.

Dot is the first positive influence that Berri had in the city. After Mordecai had shot her, she wasn't far behind with a cartoon bandage... one that patched her wound right up. Not before attracting a swarm of hungry plant life, but, hey, it's the thought that counts, right? On the other hand, Dot is also the second one to snap Berri out of a manic state - this time, out of realization that her attacks on Trevor led to a domino effect that caused her brother his life. Berri hasn't spoken with Dot since that realization, and it's safe to say that she's probably afraid to; after all, the Warner is the closest thing she'd had to a friend during her first days in the City.

[personal profile] avoidingwork
If you don't start thinking about what you really want, you're just going to hurt more and more people.

Pure and simple, Rigby confounds Berri. His demeanor when revealing Trevor's actions to the city led her to believe he was in need of protection, sending her into her second manic state, an action that culminated in her turning Trevor into an example. The reaction she got still confuses her - Rigby not only disapproved of her actions, but actually got himself killed attempting to rescue the man. While she knows a large portion of the blame for the incident is on her shoulders, Mew blames Rigby's indecisive nature for the rest of it.

[personal profile] hellofourthwall
You and I likely will never see eye to eye on the worth of a human.

Yakko responded nearly identically to Rigby, and was the other person involved in the 'outing' of Trevor's unpleasant experimentation. Unlike Rigby, however, Yakko's intents were clear to Berri from the start. He would gladly be the one to suffer, if nobody else had to. Thus, she was far less surprised that he would attempt a rescue on Trevor, though she did not expect him to die in the process. She feels vaguely apologetic to the fact, but that is more a result of how the event harmed Dot rather than Yakko himself.

[personal profile] shadowsfadeintolight
Your scars cannot be coincidence, fate led me here for some reason.

Right from the outset, Bass reminded Berri of Mewtwo. The two quickly bonded over the similarity of their pasts, their hatred for humanity, as well as other things, and Bass is very likely the one robotically-inclined citizen of Ink City that Berri will ever trust. She feels he's a bit too trigger-happy - after all, his urge to have Trevor dead as opposed to suffering led to the deaths of himself and all of those attempting to rescue Mr. Goodchild - but she also knows that he has his reasons, and they'd ultimately be reasons she'd agree with.

[personal profile] paleofcourage
My children chose to fight by your side... I will trust you. For now.

Berri is naturally avoidant of Pokémon Trainers, for obvious reasons. In her view of the world, they enslave pokémon - her children - and make them fight each other in violent, painful arena combat. Many mistreat their 'slaves', and even more have no idea as to the needs of her children.

Upon five minutes of talking to Shiro's Swanna and Druddigon, she learned that such issues weren't how things worked in Unova. Shiro's pokémon authentically wished to be her friends, and travelled with her for their own different reasons. Druddigon in particular won over Berri's attention, as his brash nature and similar hatred of human evils speak volumes about his sincerity.
Shiro's Druddigon
Shiro's Swanna

[ profile] misery_genius
You aren't like the others. You've learned that actions have consequences. I respect that. And pity it, slightly...

Mew first heard of Heloise's exploits in the early days of Ink City while she was camped out in Trevor's air vents. While initially she intended to continue her judgement upon the young girl after she was done with Mr. Goodchild, her response to his state threw her for a loop. She acted... remorseful. She had known what she had done, and regretted it. Not long after Dot stirred her from her manic state, she came to look upon the girl with newfound respect. In a lot of ways, Berri and Heloise were similar. She recognized the words of a girl whose entire world had crumbled to dust before her very eyes, actions she didn't feel were fair and wished to undo no matter what the cost. If only there was some way to help the child...

[personal profile] yessirmrjohnson
I've got my eye on you. You say your science is good, but can such a thing be possible?

The reason that Berri's manic ire had been shifted so quickly away from Heloise was entirely due to Caroline's arrival in the City and her abrasive, almost unfeeling demeanor. Already full of murderous rage towards Trevor, Caroline drew Berri's attention, and she was liable to be next on the "to maim" list... except multiple people came rushing to her defense almost immediately. "She's not like that, she's good!" It was a testament to how charismatic the woman could be that so many trusted her despite that callous world view, but she knew that even if those multitude of voices were wrong and Caroline's intentions were not as nice as she claimed, to challenge her would be to throw her life away, especially with GLaDOS claiming that the woman was "her property".

[personal profile] theytookmypants
You're the closest I've come to anyone that UNDERSTANDS... leave it to me to mess it all up.

It was pretty clear from the start that there was no reason for Berri to even get acquainted with Crmsn... and yet, the two of them shared a common link through Bass, and, let's be honest now, Crmsn's open door policy made it so that she could sleep on his roof without interruption. The fact that he's not entirely human helped the Mew get closer to him, as well. He was the first one she admitted her crimes to after taking on a human form, and met her not with scorn but concern. She's tried her best to return that concern, but is particularly worried now that she's gone too far, getting a complete unknown's help in trying to help him with the cancer eating away at him.

[personal profile] forgivemeforhiscrimes
Maybe we could talk more. If you forgive Bass, you could forgive me, too...

Berri doesn't know Legato too well, admittedly - she came to him in order to give her a secondary communicator signal, an 'alternate identity' as it were - and occasionally peeks in on him in his greenhouse. Really, though, she still sees him as a link to Bass and little more, for now, though there's a bit of curiosity there.

[personal profile] pink_resonates
I wish I had your luck.

Fascinating how two mews could be so similar, and yet so different. In some ways, Kat reminds Berri of better times, before she ran afoul of Silph Co. At times she feels at odds with the girl, but she sincerely feels like Kat is the closest she'll ever come to a sister... even if the other Mew never had to worry about being a progenitor quasi-goddess or being vivisected.

Table layout by [ profile] facetious. Relations will be posted when the player feels they've become notable. Want to see yourself here? Leave a comment!


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