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Berri is, as noted, psychically inclined. Her powers include weak telekinesis, suggestion powers, and most importantly, rather potent telepathy. She can read your mind. In fact, for particularly strong thoughts - things that you're actively thinking about, mental focuses, that sort of thing - she can't HELP but hear it.

Imagine listening to conversation in a busy street square, except instead of actual conversation, it's people's innermost thoughts. Now, before, she had ways to block this off, most notably by assuming a non-Psychic form. However, she's come into contact with the Fourth Wall, and has lost control of her powers to a degree there.

So, chances are, Berri can read your brackets as good as any of the other fourth-wall victims, if they're inner thoughts. (She can't read OOC comments like the others, though.) HOWEVER, there are several things to note.

  • Firstly, Berri's 'reading' power has become erratic, unpredictable. While there were only a few characters (inorganic creatures, Dark-type pokémon or creatures made entirely of darkness and/or shadowstuff) that she couldn't read before, it's now possible that she can't read normal people at all. If you want to be excluded from Berri's reading, please comment here. I will take it on a case-by-case basis otherwise, and may end up bothering you about it here and there.
  • Conversely, if you want Berri to be able to hear you even when she's in human form, or even if you fit one of the otherwise 'forbidden' groups, feel free to say something here. It'll likely make her feel even more uncomfortable and could potentially lead to awkwardness fun.
  • Finally, if there's anything I missed on this subject, feel free to hit me up on AIM, journal PM, or on any given HMD post; I'm always eager to listen, and waffles are delicious.

Date: 8/2/13 02:56 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] amourtician
berri can hear jay as normal, i.e. probably not when in her human form but otherwise yes.

i would rather she did not figure out he's FTM, at least for the time being. that's not a plot i would like to deal with.

Date: 8/2/13 02:58 am (UTC)
fegoliath: (You okay lil buddy?)
From: [personal profile] fegoliath
If Berri can't read the minds of inorganic creatures, then I guess that means she and Giant will have to find other means of communication. :(


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