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Quirky nature

Double Team

  • Mew has, given the nature of her world, "seen" all five generations and thus has had (though may not still have) access to all TMs. Every move she may use is 'legal' in that sense, as Teleport was a Gen 1 TM in addition to being a 4th Gen event move. She will not 'learn' or use any new skills unless a source of TMs is provided, though she could certainly learn new, inventive ways to use the moves she has.
  • AS A MATTER OF FACT, this is a relatively large background point. Just as it was her DNA that was used to create Mewtwo, it was also her DNA that was used in the coding of any and all Silph Co. released TMs thanks to Team Rocket's experimentation. Silph Co. TMs can be considered any TM that was originally released in gens 1 and 2.
  • Given that Mew is one of the Pokémon universe's two authentic Transform users, she is able to hold a human form indefinitely. While it does not bear the same restrictions as transforming into the form of another pokémon (which include wearing off after a short period of time such as a battle's length), it brings with it its own restrictions. If Mew is physically harmed or given a strong enough psychic pulse, she will revert to her true form. In addition, unlike other legendaries, Mew cannot use her own moves - or her psychic powers - when transformed into a human form, though they become available as soon as she reverts. And as with all shapeshifting, she still retains the same psychic 'thumbprint'.
  • Mew DOES have psychic powers, and they ARE incredibly strong. However, they are not infinitely adaptable. She has telepathy up to and including non-consentual mind-reading (with player permission, of course), minor hypnosis/mind-control powers (remember - you can't force a hypnotized person to do something they couldn't be convinced to do otherwise) and the ability of indefinite flight. What she LACKS is even a fraction of Mewtwo's telekinetic abilities. She can pick up and manipulate objects with about the strength of a normal girl roughly fifteen years of age.

NOW THAT I AM THINKING OF IT, I should mention. Mew is claimed to be the "ancestor of all Pokémon" and to a degree this is true. However, there are some exceptions that must be touched on, pokémon that were NOT created through her.
  • Ghost types that were created from the spirits of other things come immediately to mind (Yamask, Shuppet/Banette, etc). They are a result of the inherent energies from a pokémon-inhabited world. Mew does, however, know methods to bring about such pokémon - she can give a human the proper burial (with help, of course) to create a Yamask, and could draw the spite out of discarded toys to create Shuppets, as examples.

  • Legendary pokémon. With the exception of the bird trio (Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos), they were all around before Mew did her whole progenitor thing. The bird trio are the children made between herself and Lugia. This extends to legendary 'offshoots' as well, such as Phione.

  • Any manmade pokémon. This is most obvious with Mewtwo, who was cloned from her instead of being created BY her. Similarly, Porygon came about as a computer glitch when Silph Co. was using her DNA to code the first Technical Machines, and shares her genetics but was not created by her intents. Ditto came about as failed attempts to clone Mew, and then began to reproduce on their own. Castform and the Klink line are both completely synthetic, but came around well after Mew had been examined by Silph Co. Golett and Golurk technically fall under this, as well, as they were created by ancient Unovans studying the Regi trio before her time.

In recent play, it has come to my attention that Transform needs to have limitations set on it, to prevent godmoding. As of such, here is a brief rundown of what Transform can and cannot do in Berri's case.

  • Berri has exactly one human form she can Transform into at-will. She could concievably transform into other humans or non-Pokémon creatures if she were in the same vicinity as them, but would not be able to Transform back short of having the transformation "interrupted" in some manner. In a human form, Berri has no powers, though in her 'default' human form she can still revert back to a Mew form.
  • When in close proximity to any Pokémon, she can Transform into a duplicate of that 'mon, from stats to moveset and everything in between. There are no other limitations to this skill, as long as the other pokémon is within roughly twenty feet of her. This is the in-game usage of Transform, pretty much verbatim, and only lasts a short while.
  • Berri technically uses Transform to switch between her 'selves' - the mental shift is only half of the equation, and the moveset change/stat change is due to shifting, essentially, to a different set of memories. She can also technically 'remember' TM moves in this way, though doing so is much harder and only works with one move at a time.
  • Berri can transform into other pokémon at will, but with other limitations. Firstly, Berri's moveset will be determined as if she were a wild pokémon of equal level as her current Mew self. Secondly, she can only transform into a pokémon defined as "her descendant" in such a manner - most Legendaries and a few other cases are out of her power to shift into at will. This is technically an indefinite process, but is rather draining for Berri, and will tire her out more easily than the other uses of the move.

    Any questions? POST THEM HERE KTHXBAI


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