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(Things were much more peaceful with the war finally at an end. Scavengers referred to it as the War of the Desert, where, as far as they were concerned, it all started. Two decades worth of fighting and getting caught in the crossfire. Dragons and humans alike were born during this difficult time on Pyrrhia and Mikasa Ackerman was no exception. She was trained to fight, to defend, to kill, if necessary.

But things changed when she met a peculiar dragon, one that didn't match any information she read about them. Something about Xion was...different. Not that all dragons were bad, but even Mikasa was aware of their hatred towards mankind. After learning the truth of how the war started, it's really not a surprise.

Oddly enough, the normally closed off girl found herself growing close to the animus-touched being, so much so that she decided to travel the world with her. It...was daunting, visiting the dragon-sized structures with her being so small by comparison, but it's something she's getting used to. It brought her to all kinds of places, like the beautiful forest of the Rainwings. The human's enjoying a fresh mango at the moment, settled up against a tree alongside her companion.

Are you sure you don't need to eat anything?


Jul. 16th, 2017 08:28 pm
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Hello hi, I'm Flurry, and I'm brand new! I'm bringing in yet another Snowblind refugee - Royce Melborn, from a book series called Riyria Revelations. I won't blame you if you've never heard of it. He's the grouchy tsundere half of a thieving duo called Riyria, and the last five months he's spent in Snowblind have not done any super great favors for him.

His application is here and his original app here if you feel like looking! Otherwise, I'm gonna snoop around and figure out how to slap an IC intro all up in this game.

Oh, and you can add me @tahdis on plurk, if you'd like! Look forward to playing with you all. c:

newbie newbie

Jul. 16th, 2017 11:15 pm
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Hey all! My name's Iddy and I'm bringing in Alfie Solomons from the BBC drama Peaky Blinders. He's an old-timey gangster coming to the Meadous by way of Snowblind, because who doesn't need more Norfinbury refugees starting shit? His app is here, his original app is here, and I should have an IC intro up shortly! I'm looking forward to playing with you guys. ♥

OH RIGHT and I'm [ profile] ihdreniel on plurk; feel free to add if you want!

And finally, I have an open log up for his intro.
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Hey Team,

First and foremost, as of 7/15, the Splitting Headache event officially ends. What this means is that the Meadous has a new feature! In the sand dunes north of the village now have a chasm that is at least six-feet deep and 20-feet long cut through them. The chasm is perfectly smooth and looks to be made of glass. Maybe don't fall in, or your might have some trouble getting out, even if the sides are semi-sloped. Zephyr will be leaving this particular mark on the Meadous as they have learned from their flock that Scars Have Meaning. This is a scar that the Meadous will, hopefully, learn something from.

In other news, our Events Calendar has been updated for the next few months! We're all very excited.

Finally, we will be putting up a post later today that will be specifically for contacting gods from other realms that characters are aware of. In order to avoid inundating any one mod, we'd ask that any one character only contact one or two gods at a maximum. We'll be putting a list of the gods below along with the mod who plays them so you have an idea of who will be responding to what. It can be assumed (through hand-wave) that at some point during the most recent public meeting, all of these gods were mentioned by someone. This means that any character has the opportunity to contact any god or godling on the list.

+1 tiny homestuck

Jul. 10th, 2017 01:54 pm
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Hello friends!! I am back, which probably only means something to a percentage of you smaller than 100%. My name is Riley, and I'm here with Jade Harley from Homestuck, with bonus Facility flavor!

She was here before, and will be aware of this, but probably have no idea that she was gone for, like, a year. Additionally unlike her fellow Faccers she's coming right from her tenure there, pretty much, so she's like 14 and tiny af.

She is also incredibly friendly, though, and will have no problem making friends with everyone! Please treat her kindly. Or don't, she won't really notice the difference unless there's malice.

splitting headache (ooc)

Jul. 9th, 2017 04:10 pm
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So, the time is Actually upon us for the Splitting Headache event. It's...taken longer to get through than I would have liked, but eh.

It's here! Follow that link to be taken to the IC post and get to dealing with the fallout. (If you want to.)

To run over the basic gist of the event: super powerful alien has a super dramatic meltdown and leaves evidence of it. And also hurts a people.It's not exclusive to Xan's CR, and everyone is welcome to wonder what the fuck happened, hunt him down, or do whatever they wish.

Xan will be MIA for a bit of the event, but expect an IC post about his return in a few days (it will probably just be on the event log, ok).

If anyone has any questions, or what any clarifications on things, feel free to ask either in this post or on plurk. (I can be reached at [ profile] daintily.)
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