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Other Characters: None. Been a long time since I could say that, huh?

Name: Mew (Also known as "Berri" or "Experiment #151")
From: Pokémon (Very slight AU, closest to Fire Red/Leaf Green gameverse)
Appearance: Still really pink. Human form bears a resemblance to another anime character.
Age: Roughly three to four thousand years, only "aware" of the last two hundred years
Gender: Female
Personality: On the surface, Berri is a troll, a prankster, and generally does or says things to get a reaction. It's not hard to see that most of her good cheer is a facade, however; not far below the the surface is a very broken, unstable creature. She hates humanity with a fervor that borders on the genocidal, and the few legitimately good humans she has met have caused her to second-guess herself, turning some of that hatred inward. At the same time, she's still a mother - the mother - and those maternal instincts will kick in if she meets someone (non-human) who has lost their way or needs support. As long as they can put up with her unstable state, Berri will prove to be loyal to the end.

During her last stay in Ink City, contact with the Fourth Wall caused her psyche to fracture; while the damage was noticable, it has since calmed down into only a mildly severe case of moodswinging - While she does have multiple "selves" in her head, they're all aware of one another and have settled into variations on the original form. At times, her trollish, playful nature won't be a mask, and at other times, her maternal instincts will be stronger than normal. Typically, this has become a defense mechanism to keep her from having more of her rage outbursts.
Backstory: Mew was the original, the progenitor. Together with Arceus, she mothered all natural races of pokémon, from the tiniest Joltik to the largest Wailord. Then, like many dieties, she rested. Her place of dwelling for those thousands of years was an island in the middle of the ocean, one later known as "Birth Island". However, that slumber ended in a poor manner - she awoke to find that humans had asserted their place as the dominant species, enslaving all manner of pokemon far and wide in devices known as "pokeballs", forcing them to battle each other to settle their own petty squabbles. Knowing she had to protect her children, Mew set out to free them from their oppressors.

She started small, freeing individual 'mon, teaching pokemon to better defend themselves against human attack. When that proved too ineffective, she went for a slightly more ambitious goal - confronting humans themselves about what they had done. Unfortunately, the humans she found were members of the Silph Company, the world's largest producer of pokéballs and a corporation with ties to Team Rocket. Mew was promptly captured and taken to Team Rocket for extensive testing and experimentation. During this time she gave birth, the child dubbed "Mewtwo" by her captors and taken away to undergo genetic alteration and brainwashing to make him complacent and willing, unlike the legendary pokemon that mothered it. Everything from her body to her DNA was pulled open and put back together again, used to create objects known as "Technical Machines", as well as consistent attempts to clone her leading to a race of creatures known by humans as "Ditto".

After almost a decade of hellish torture and experimentation, she managed to escape once more. No longer did she hope for saving pokémon kind, instead wanting to flee back to Arceus's side and start over. However, Arceus had sealed itself away where not even she could reach. Unable to escape the problem and unable to come to terms with the hopelessness of things, she finally snapped.

Not long after, she ended up in Ink City. During the year she spent there, she made friends, and started to realize that not all humans treated pokemon with such hatred as she first saw... and she made her share of mistakes along the way, as well, including attacking a human with intent to torture (and getting a fair number of people killed in the process) and touching the Fourth Wall.
Moral Standing: All over the board. After her first visit to the City, she's settled on a more generally good morality, wanting to repent for what she has done and fix things in ways differently than she attempted with Trevor.
Dreams: Mew wants the freedom of pokémon kind, for them to be liberated from humanity's grasp. At the same time, she wants to punish those who created such a violent system to begin with.
Fears: As before, what Mew fears most is being experimented on like she was when she first reached out to humans. As of such, she's avoidant of a lot of science, and will be downright terrified of medical equipment.
Extra: A brief overview of what is and isn't within Mew's power.
Samples: Pretty much everything under her old tag.
Writing Sample: She was back. She didn't know how, or why. She also didn't know why she forgot about the place when she left. But as soon as she saw the ink on her paws, the memories came flooding back. Getting shot by that cat-man, the first show of friendship shown by Dot. Meeting Bass. Cutting open Trevor Goodchild, and the 'rescue' attempt that ended up with the blood of Dot's brother on her paws. Trying to escape, running into the mystical wall in the city. Her attempts to even herself out again. Crmsn, Ren, Saft, Kat, Ren, the Kratt Brothers, Ren...

The chihuahua had always been there, in his own way. She missed him. She missed everyone, and she never knew. She'd... lost her mind, back home, but here, the lucidity was almost painful. Why had she come back? Why had she left in the first place? How long was she gone? Did she know anybody that was there? The questions pounded at her head like a jackhammer, and the small pokémon found herself sitting at the edge of the fountain, torn between insane, broken laughter and bitter, hurt tears.

There was never a way out, was there? This was what she had to endure, this was the penance for her crimes. For existing. Once more, Berri pulled her tail in front of herself, watching it drip off her tail... it was blood, here. The blood she was coated in, that made her who she was... but blood nonetheless. For almost an hour, Berri sat, watching the ink drip off her tailtuft, only to dip it back in the well and watch it drip anew. Eventually, though, she pulled herself up into the air, taking the communicator with her and starting off into the sky. She had to find someone she remembered, and from a higher vantage point she saw the Tortuga docked not far from Crmsn's house still... if she was lucky, Ren would still be staying there...


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