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Mun Name: Sword
Journal: [ profile] swordianmaster
Contact Info:, Bahamut725 @ AIM
Other Characters: None in this game

Name: Mew
From: Pokémon (Very slight AU, closest to FR/LG game universe)
Appearance: Nobody can decide if a Mew looks like a cat or a fetus or a kangaroo or a kangaroocatfetus, but everyone can agree that Mew is very, very pink.
Age: At least several hundred years
Gender: Female
Personality: On the surface, Mew is a carefree, playful spirit that loves nothing more than games, pranks, and jokes. She seems largely avoidant of humans, but those that are pure of heart will be approached more readily. That is all a facade, however... below that mask, there's a hurt, jaded mother, one who has watched her children get hurt again and again and forced into battle against their will...
Backstory: Let me weave you a fairy tale...

Moral Standing: Really hard to place, particularly involving humanity. For the most part, she acts a solid Chaotic Neutral, doing whatever seems fun at the time. However, she harbors a deep-seated hatred for what humanity did to her and pokémon kind, and makes it fairly clear that she wants them to suffer as she has. She seems to forget that often, though, more interested in fooling around or trolling people than vengance. If you don't bring it up, she'll more than likely suffer an attack of Attention Deficit Ooh Shiny.
Dreams: Mew wants the same thing any mother would want - for her children to live happy, healthy, productive lives. That her children are all of Pokémon kind... well, that doesn't change much, though it makes it more complicated. Past that, she's prone to bouts of nostalgia, wishing she could undo the mistake that started everything and go back to Birth Island...
Fears: Ultimately, what Mew fears most is being experimented on like she was when she first reached out to humans. As of such, she's avoidant of a lot of science, and will be downright terrified of medical equipment. She's also got a minor fear of the dark, but it is muted enough that it is not difficult to overcome in desperate situations.
Extra: A brief overview of what is and isn't within Mew's power.

Samples: Poor Mew; stuck in a bunch of cheesy AMVs using Linkin Park with practically no good unaltered video footage on the net. Perhaps more childish than I'd play this, but... about as random.
Writing Sample: It had been a long day. Sure, it started out fun - waking up in an ink and paint fountain, spending a few hours just playing in it... but then she read the sign right outside. She was in a new place. The mixed emotions were still raging through her mind - she could be safe here, but she also couldn't help any other pokémon. And if someone found her, they'd probably do the same thing way back when.

So she had kept to the shadows and just explored.

She was a vagrant to begin with, so her journey in the strange new ink city was one of 'where should I sleep' as opposed to 'where is my home'... and by the time the sun had started to set, she had managed to find a peaceful tree on the outskirts of the forest. She liked forests, and this one was no exception... but something nagged at her. Chewed at the back of her mind like a trapped animal trying to free itself.

This forest wasn't safe; she didn't know why or how, but she knew deep inside herself that sooner or later she'd have to move on.


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