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Many, many years ago, a girl lived on an island.

Nobody knew about this island, and all that lived on it had lived there their entire lives. Some would have considered it a true Garden of Eden. All that was asked of the residents was to stay.

But the girl did not want to stay. The girl wanted to see the world, to explore what the world was like over the vast expanse of ocean.

So she ran away. The island tried to keep her there, but she forced her way through turbulent storm and roaring waves, pushing harder and harder until finally... she broke through the barrier seperating her from the outside. She was free, but in exchange, she could never return to the land of her birth, the world she once called home.

The girl didn't care. She was happy to explore the world. And explore she did. She learned that the rest of the world was created by a grand king, that the king had lesser servants that governed time, space, the land and sea... seeking providence, the girl sought an audience with the king. As he ruled over a realm with no subjects, the king was pleased for the company. Being the first he had spoken to that was not of his own blood, the king grew enamored with the girl, and bedded her for many nights in a row, filling the realm with her children, giving himself a kingdom to truly rule over.

After a while, though, the girl again began to grow restless. She fled the providence of her suitor, seeking to see yet more of the world. There, she found a strange new culture. This culture was steeped in a magic so arcane her mind could not wrap around it. They enslaved those she called her children, and laughed mirthfully as they ordered their slaves to fight to the death. When she approached the people of this culture, they did not enslave her. Instead, they imprisoned her and used their magic to violate every last bit of her very being. She was used to power artifacts that taught her children moves of destruction and suffering. She was abused to gauge how well they had brainwashed her children.

Finally, this culture, unsatisfied with even her, made another out of her body, a magical copy. But this copy was flawed, and did not have the restraint that the girl herself had. She still saw it as her child, but it held all of the hatred she herself had grown to have in her heart. As of such, she watched her newest son as he reduced this culture to cinders. But he, too, was enslaved eventually, calmed and seen more as a mistake to learn from than a child to teach.

There was nothing more that the girl could do. Having had everything she ever was totally shattered like glass, she ran. She ran as fast as she could, for her home.

But her home would no longer have her.

Some say that the girl never quite recovered her mind.


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