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Player Name: Sword
Player Contact: [plurk.com profile] kataranisword, [personal profile] swordianmaster, Bahamut725 @ AIM

Character Name: Mew (alternately "Experiment #151", came to be known as "Berri" in her time at the game)
Canon: Pokémon (Nuzlocke-themed Fire Red AU)
Game Transplant: Ink City
Original App: First App and later re-app (The later app is more in-depth, and is an actual proper app - the first 'app' is there mostly for historical significance)
Game Summary: Originally designed as a mere dressing room for characters from cartoon canons, Ink City was exactly that - a cartoon city not entirely unlike Toontown from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. It was at one point overseen by an inkblot Mayor and his twin paintblot sister, who later left the city in the hands of a ghostly artist/doctor and a comically oversized guard. All in all, the game is your standard jamjar fare - new arrivals awaken bursting out of the ink fountain (referred to as 'the well') in the center of town, which also serves as a 'respawn point' when they die. Much like other jamjars, there is no escape from the setting. Instead of bringing possessions with them, characters actually brought their homes with them when they arrived, or some other place of residence.

Similarly to the fence in We The Lost, three sides of the city and neighboring forest are surrounded by an impenetrable ring of mountains that serves as a quite literal "fourth wall". Touching the "wall" would prove quite hazardous to a character's sanity, forcibly making them aware of their fictional nature in some traumatic fashion, ranging from visions of the character's universe being destroyed by their canon's cancellation to being capable of 'hearing' the OOC pose brackets.

All in all, it is a game that embraced metafictional roots and playing around with tropes - at times, muns themselves would end up finding loopholes to insert themselves into the game for a brief time, even - that also explored what happens when you mix slapstick violence and whimsy with more serious repercussions. The game is ongoing, but many of the original creators have moved on. As of such, many of the earlier themes are rarely touched on any more.

How long was your character in Game: 14 months first run, 2 months second run

History of Character in their Game: A Story of a Mew and a City, in Two Parts.

How did they change from their canon personality wise (Second attempt): Mew was already pretty emotionally damaged before she had even come into the city. The knowledge that pokémon training wasn't going to go away any time soon was a heavy burden on the legendary's mind. Throughout her time in the city, she continued to brood and contemplate the balance between life and death, to the point of a personal obsession with it. She started off well enough; Dot's initial act of kindness towards her did help slightly, proving that others could show compassion, and meeting Ren Hoek and Bass gave her reminders that her life outside of the city was still worthwhile - playing pranks on the chihuahua reminded her of some of the good to be had in just enjoying life, and helping Bass through his own troubles gave her a chance for personal redemption in her own eyes, given the navi's similarities to Mewtwo.

All of the early healing was quickly outweighed by the revelation of Trevor's experimentation on others in the city, however. Past traumas and bottled rage all burst out and sent the Mew into a breakdown, though she regained her lucidity just in time to see the consequences of her actions - a collapsed skyscraper and at least five people dead at the insistent actions of Bass, the one who reminded her so much of her past.

Despite the violent outburst, she had never seen herself as a killer before. However, her actions directly led to the death others, even if the fate she had planned for Trevor was technically worse... somehow the knowledge that she was responsible for the loss of life weighed heavily on her - heavily enough that she tried to distance herself from anything and everything, though she failed. Crmsn's compassion was contagious, and before long she started to settle into a new life, trying to pretend she had done nothing wrong. Had it been just to hide, though, Berri would have clearly let another Mew take the fall when they appeared in the city.

In fact, the thought weighed on her mind for a while. Even when she took the first step of accepting her blame, it was in private, to the person she wronged intentionally. Naturally, she was scorned and brushed off by her intended victim, leaving her without a proper direction to go. It was only through Crmsn's encouragement that she took the next step and admitted her fault publically about a month later.

With as much as Crmsn helped her, it was only natural that she grow fond of him. It was just as natural that when she learned about his fight with lung problems, she frantically sought out help to cure his condition. After all, there was no telling what death with a pre-existing health problem would do, in the city. However, in her panic, Berri hit her second break, once again somehow connected to Dot Warner. She had looked a little too deep into her mind, and saw more death and horror in its wake, nightmares that the girl had been suffering from. Wrongly blaming herself for those nightmares, her progress was once again unraveled and she started seeking escape from the city, deathly afraid of the pain that she was causing others - and the pain that she was enduring as well.

In some ways, it was a good thing. In order for the Mew to heal in any appreciable fashion, she had to be broken further, first. The wall did that. Thanks to the metafictional powers of the city's wall, she ended up with the consciousness of two other Mews in her body - Mews that were similar in some ways, but decidedly different pokemon, living different lives. Unlike proper split personalities, they were completely aware of each other, and often granted 'dominance', control over the body. In fact, the two alternate 'personalities' were almost entirely in control for a few months afterward, with the proper "Mew" just watching, and hiding.

With the help of that split, she was able to slowly piece together what had been broken. One of her other selves started to grow closer to a half-dragon they were living with, showing her what it was like to properly nurture a child, as opposed to simply trusting nature to take its course and only getting angry at the results. The other started to flirt around with Ren, reminding her again that she actually enjoyed being a tease and a prankster sometimes. Even with the hardships she faced afterwards, Berri always had a support network - both in her own mind, and out of it. Over time, she even met a few pokémon trainers that treated pokémon as friends and companions, warming her up to the idea that not all of humanity was bad... she just had a bad first impression. Slowly but surely she was getting better, though she still had a tendency to brood about things on the roof of a house.

Learning about the nature of the city, though, both through the wall and through the actions of others, actively worked against that healing. She knew deep down that not only was she not real, but that she was dancing on somebody else's strings. That even her pain wasn't actually anything more but a source of pathos. Thus, instead of proper change, she managed to build up layers of denial towards many of her problems, even picking up a few bad habits. She took up smoking to see if she could draw the ire of her best friend, spent more and more time with Ren in order to drown her sorrows in manic hedonistic displays of violence and gluttony, and actually became almost as abrasive as she was when she first entered the city. Her other selves kept her from falling too far, but just barely.

And then she disappeared from the city when the wall broke. She returned home and suddenly everything was the same except her... and nothing that she had managed to fix had followed her. It was only a brief time, but it was enough to jar Berri out of her self-induced denial bubble before she came back.

When she arrived the second time, many of her means of coping were all but gone. Neither alternate personality was around any more. Ren had fallen into a deep sense of stagnation from being in the city longer than she was, and their conversations seemed more distant and detached. Even Crmsn was starting to worry about his family and growing deeply homesick. The city as a whole seemed to be a much gloomier, less energetic place than before.

Even when her knowledge of the metaverse was forced open again, it didn't bring those other selves she had come to rely on, only migraines from the stress of that knowledge, and the very realizations that she had been denying before. She didn't break down from all of it, though she did start to grow weary, numb inside. She had hurt for so long, and it was all due to her own actions... actions that something else dictated. The only natural progression was to try to stop feeling. Even then, she clung onto Crmsn as her last bastion of sanity and happiness for as long as she could until she just... left. Like so many others would.

How did they change from their canon physically (Please explain what caused it to happen): On the outside, Berri didn't change much. She crafted a proper 'alternate' human form for herself when she went into hiding after the incident with Trevor (any similarities to Nana from Elfen Lied are entirely "coincidental" - read: because her mun thought that was a hilariously ironic PB), and the setting changed her physical makeup in the same way it changed everyone's - her blood is now actual ink, and should she ever die, her body will dissolve into an inky puddle within minutes. There were also distinct changes to how her powers worked, which will be touched upon further below.

Powers: Berri is a psychic-type pokémon, and has the powers that come with that. Notably, she has low-level telekinesis (enough to allow her to float in the sky and move around objects with the rough relative strength of a normal fifteen year old schoolgirl) and free usage of Transform with provisos. A fairly in-depth rundown of her normal powers within Ink City is here. It should be noted that, due to the nature of Wishes, she will have her ability to Transform initially removed; should she desire to take other forms, it is only fair that she earn the right like anyone else in the game.

Addendum - Telepathy: Berri's mind-reading is in an 'always on' state - while it does take focus and concentration to delve deeper into a person's mind, the uppermost thoughts of people are just as audible to her as actual speech. She's learned to mostly tune it out, though in a smaller, quieter setting it will naturally be harder to do such. What this means is that she can potentially comment on peoples' thought-brackets as if they were actually said. HOWEVER, there are several loopholes to this:
  • One, Berri can't hear everyone. Mechanical entities (robots, AIs, Transformers, and other such characters) are completely unreadable, as are most Dark-type pokémon and shadow-oriented creatures. (As an example, Berri couldn't hear the thoughts of Teddie from Persona 4.) In addition, skilled psychics (or Psychic-type pokemon) have usually trained themselves to shield those thoughts reflexively, making it so that she doesn't pick them up. Finally, Berri's telepathic powers are restricted in the other direction, as well - purely mechanical creatures can't hear her, nor can certain forms of impenetrable darkness.
  • Two, in addition to fracturing her personality, her experience with Ink City's wall left heavy interference in her telepathic powers. As of such, instead of being a constant source of crowd noise, it's instead more like a scratched-up CD or a radio on the fritz - while some things get through just fine, others are nothing but inaudible static. As of such, her telepathy very clearly works on permission rules now, meaning I will either ask permission privately or get it on Berri's permission post.
  • Finally, her telepathy follows the same rules as her pokémon moves - namely, she can't hear it when she's in a human form. It's still around if she's in the form of another pokémon, however.

Possessions: Berri will not bring anything with her; she lives light, and pragmatically.

Please provide three samples from your previous game, at least one will have to be third person with context:
Sample One: Having had Trevor Goodchild's experiments on others in the city revealed, Berri spends several weeks lurking in the airvents and plotting this progressively more psychotic revenge. And then she broadcasts the results anonymously. Pleasant. (Warning: Mild torture, gore and reactions to such. I consider this two parts of the same 'sample'.)
Sample Two: The touching of the "Fourth Wall", after several months of mental self-abuse and drama.
Sample Three: In trying to get her mind off her migraines after her return, Berri starts watching Crmsn's old intimate 'home videos' and finds a rather unusual blackmail tape hidden amongst them.
Extra Samples Four/Five: Happier times with Ren


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